E.Life, a Company of social media content monitoring and analysis has publicized a list with nine trends for digital world in 2013. According to Alessandro Barbosa Lima, E.Life’s CEO, small and medium companies intend to invest and make use of these resources.

Check the list to begin the New Year informed about these trends.

1- Small and medium companies are more and more interested in social networks
In 2013 we foresee a greater investment in social media strategies, aiming to improve client’s relationship.

2- Metrics will give place to performance indicators
Data like the number of likes and shares will give place to KIPS (key performance indicators).  These indicators are linked to the very business’ performance, analyzing information related to the product’s quality and company’s customer service.

3- Huge amount of data.
Companies will have to invest in infrastructure – servers, data banks, analysis’ tools and algorithms – in order to deal with the great amount of information related to their business in digital environment.

4- The reality of the second screen and social assessment 
According to E.Life research, 50.6% of online users watch television at the same time and 50% of the trending topics – the hot subjects – on twitter will be indirectly guided by TV.  Thus, the companies will have to better integrate the campaigns produced in the two environments, like using hashtags in commercials. This could proportionate a type of social assessment in which people will need to program themselves according to hot topics.

5- Mobile ascension
Mobile’s market grows quickly in Brazil. As of today,  14% of Brazilian population has a smartphone, which is equivalent to 27 million users. The companies need to be aware and adapt their strategies to this new reality.

6- Social CRM: Greater participation in customer service and new formats
In 2012, social media corresponded of 1% to 3% of total service. In 2013 this percentage should grow to 5%. The “unsourcing”, when costumers themselves solve doubts of other clients in forums or communities, will become more common. This could reduce companies’ costs with support.

7- Cloud Software
The usage of tools located in the cloud and companies that offer this kind of service will become more common.

8- Social and connected retail
Companies will be more and more preoccupied in how to integrate virtual and real world. Strategies like allowing clients to like their most wanted products inside the store will be more common in 2013. This technology also allows to amplify the mix of stores from a mall without amplifing their physical space.

9- Augmented reality
Researches show that the use of an augmented reality increases the chances of buying and the time clients spent inside the store.

Source: http://colunas.revistapegn.globo.com/sonasocial/2012/12/05/9-tendencias-digitais-para-2013/