If startups already have a lot of specificities, social startups have much more. Before starting in this field you need to better understand it. We have selected some programs which could do a difference between the success and failure of your social business:

Workshop of ideas (http://www.artemisia.org.br/usina_de_ideias.php): Perfect for those who have not a formed idea yet, though would like to engage in social business. The Workshop of ideas promotes the formation of managers for social business through contents that are completely committed to this field, online and in real time.

Choice (http://www.artemisia.org.br/movimento_choice.php): With Artemísia’s partnership, Choice aims university students that have the desire to work with social businesses. Acting as ambassadors in their own universities or participating in challenges, the students acquire the formation and training committed to the cause, and also already develop an entrepreneurial mind.

Virtual formation in social businesses (http://artemisia.org.br/formacao_virtual.php): Developed as an immersion project in social businesses, the course is based in studies of success and discussions with experts. The classes are virtually performed and happen in real time with the coordinators.

Social Good Seminar (http://socialgoodbrasil.org.br/seminario/): Seminar aiming the discussion, knowledge and thinking of ideas oriented to social businesses. This event which occurs in Florianópolis, is an excellent source for knowledge and ideas.

Sebrae (http://www.sebrae.com.br/): Sebrae has seen the enormous growth of social businesses demands, and decided to create a program to aid this type of enterprising. Get more information about this project (http://www.agenciasebrae.com.br/noticia/19111192/geral/negocios-sociais-tem-boas-perspectivas-no-brasil/).