O pagamento das bolsas será efetuado por meio de depósito na conta corrente do bolsista. Depois de recebida pelo bolsista, não há restrição em relação à aplicação deste dinheiro.

Grants are paid to the grantee via bank deposit in grantees personal and individual bank account in any agency of Bank of Brazil, by the fifth calendar day of the month following that in competence. Not being the holder of an individual bank account at Bank of Brazil, the new grant should inform the agency number/code of Brazil’s Bank of your convenience to receive the grant. If it is necessary to open a new bank account and we recommend grantee resources to those agencies inside university campuses, given their experience in dealing with research grants.

The payment of grants will be made by deposit on the grantee bank account. After receiving the grant, there is no restriction on how Money is applied.