Não. Por questões legais e para fins de auditoria, não serão aceitos o envio de vídeos e áudios, mesmo que citados na proposta e disponíveis via internet. É proibido ao comitê julgador acessar quaisquer conteúdos externos ao envelope da proposta. Como envelope entende-se o PDF da proposta, o formulário de submissão e os CV Lattes dos membros da equipe.

Yes, applicant can add relevant information to the proposal. However, judging committee will rule based on proposal following the call for proposals criteria:

II.2.2.2 – Proposals must be submitted in the form of a project for technological development and innovation. To qualify for further assessment by the Judging Committee, it is mandatory that the project addresses the items listed below. Please note that failure to meet this requirement will result in the disqualification of the proposal. The items are as follows:

a) Identification of the proposal;

b) Description of the product or service to be developed;

c) Team;

d) Business Model covering the following points:

  1. Customer;
  2. Business value proposition, that is, the product contribution to the market;
  3. Delivery channels, that is, how the product or service will  either be purchased or rendered;
  4. Customer relations, that is, how customer relates to the developed solution;
  5. Key activities;
  6. Key resources, including resources of financial, human and material nature, etc.;
  7. Key partners;
  8. Main costs;
  9. Revenue sources.
  10. Description of the current stage of development of the project (project concept, prototype, commercial-scale production, etc.).
  11. Applicants must indicate, in order of preference, the accelerators with whom they are interested in associating their project.

The available startup accelerators are listed in the Program´s platform at http://startupbase.net/arena/startup-brasil.