Brazil is an international host not only to tourists on happy vacations and to soccer players (who had their global championship here and witnessed the technological exoskeleton created by brazilian neuroengineer Miguel Nicolelis). In fact, Brazil has been attracting a lot of international businesses in the tech field. Giants as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Spotify, Google, Paypal, Microsoft, Intel, Dell, Samsung, amongst others, all have set offices here.

Reasons for that include a population of 200 million people, of which at least 50% belong to a growing and newly-empowered middle class. Here is a huge consumer market with more than 100 million already connected to the Internet: Brazilian e-commerce registered R$ 28.8 billion in sales in 2013, which represents a 28% nominal growth compared to 2012. Not only well-stablished corporations take their chances to win this market: 20 startups from a variety of countries (as US, UK, Colombia, India, Israel) already had their opportunities to accelerate in Brazil – where an entrepreneurial ecosystem is rising fast with tens of accelerators and hundreds of investors.

What they did was: they submitted a proposal for the Start-Up Brasil program (held by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation), were approved by the board of judges and then were accepted by one of the brazilian accelerators partners of the program! Therefore, they received a variety of benefits: a work visa, a grant of up to 200 thousand Reais (more than US$ 85k, depending on the current exchange rate), one prestigious accelerator (among 12 to choose from) as business partner, plus participation in national and international Demo Days, a network of mentors, strategic partners, angel investors and investment firms.

You can do that, too! Start-Up Brasil currently has an open call until October 24th 2014. All you have to do is read the criteria and requisites and follow the steps to submit your proposal.

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