Enterprise accelerators integrate the innovation ecosystem of a country. They are usually private entities with a capacity for self-investment, which bring together entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, entrepreneurs, business mentors and investment funds (seed money, angel, venture capitalists). They offer acceleration programs, comprised of a series of services oriented to the development of the startup, such as physical infrastructure, mentoring, legal and accounting advice and access to the market, through its network of relationships.

The program’s qualified accelerators offer different levels of service and are located in different regions of the country. Some accelerators have specific focus areas and each offers specific investment conditions.

The Start-Up Brasil program runs for one-year editions. In each edition, up to three public calls are launched, one to qualify and enable accelerators and the other two, half-yearly, for the selection of startups projects.

Specific accelerators are selected by means of a special notice, which are the institutions responsible for the acceleration process of startups.

In the first call of 2017, year 3 of the program, there will be no announcement of accelerators.

The accelerators enabled at this stage will be the same enabled in the previous phase of the program.

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A new announcement for accelerator qualification is scheduled for the next call.

Qualified accelerators for phase 3 of the program