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An in-depth look at Start-Up Brasil Government-supported program Start-Up Brasil is now entering the second phase of its roll-out, with the imminent opening of its call for applications to Brazilian and foreign startups, its promoters announced this week at Rio de Janeiro’s Global Entreneurship Congress. The IT Policy Secretary for Brazil’s Science, Technology and Innovation Ministry (MCTI) Virgilio de Almeida confirmed during the event that Start-Up Brasil has the ambition to accelerate up to one hundred startups as part of its new and ambitious program. It’s worth noting that Start-Up Brasil is part of an even larger initiative, which was launched in August 2012: Brazil’s Strategic Program for Software and IT Services, shortname TI Maior (“Bigger IT”). According to a document published by TI Maior, IT accounted for 4.4% of Brazil’s GDP in 2011 (not including telecommunications). This is the sector that the initiative now hopes to boost through several programs, including Start-Up Brasil. Despite the similarities between their [...]

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Start-Up Chile y Start-Up Brasil: Dos ‘monstruos’ parecidos pero muy diferentes Desde la distancia, Start-Up Brasil y Start-Up Chile parecen ser en gran medida lo mismo:programas financiados por los gobiernos destinados a promover el espíritu empresarial y la cultura de startups en sus respectivas naciones. Y habiéndose celebrado un demo day conjunto en Santiago, se puede confirmar aún más la suposición. Pero mirando un poco más de cerca, se puede ver que con lo que estamos tratando es con dos ‘monstruos’ muy diferentes. Start-Up Chile y Start-Up Brasil están diseñados de maneras muy diferentes. Si bien el programa de Chile consiste en US$40.000 de financiamiento de capital libre, la versión brasileña incluye aceleradoras locales, que acompañan el programa en respaldo a las startups y reciben acciones a cambio. Esto, a su vez, hace que Start-Up Chile sea un esfuerzo más social -uno dirigido a la promoción de la cultura emprendedora y a la producción de consecuencias a [...]

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What eCommerce Boom? From Amazon Textbooks To New Seed Funds, Education Technology Is Exploding In Brazil Over the last decade, Brazil has “come online” in a big way. The percentage of people using the Web in Brazil leapt from 9 percent in 2002 to about 50 percent in 2012,according to the ITU. With 60 million Brazilians now using Facebook, thanks to increasing access to the Internet and the rise of social media, the country is undergoing a digital transformation — and with that comes a slew of exciting opportunities for startups. However, usually when it comes to growth potential, Brazil’s eCommerce market getsmost of the attention. Nonetheless, a flurry of noteworthy developments over the last six months have begun to make it clear that another big market (and opportunity) is quietly emerging in Brazil: Education technology. While Google and Apple have made sizable strides in education in the U.S., and [...]

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