How can one simple word mean such a big change in corporate behavior and give voice to so many creative and innovative minds?

First of all, what you need to know is that for a long time the birth of good and new ideas does not necessarily come from the big industries. Second, we must also understand that we are living in an era in which society and economy revolve around entrepreneurship.

Startups bring a fresh mentality, invigorating ideas, and embrace the constant changes in the marketplace.

But after all, what is a startup?

There are some definitions about the term, mainly through dictionaries, companies and entrepreneurs.

The ones we like the most are:

“A startup is a temporary organization formed to pursue a repeatable and scalable business model” Steve Blank

“A startup is a company that is confused about: What is your product, who is your customer and how to make money.” Dave McClure – 500 Startups

“Startup is a human institution designed to create new products or services in an environment of extreme uncertainty” Eric Ries – The Lean Startup

The Start-Up Brasil Program provides for the selection of new startups twice a year, one each semester.

Startups supported by the program participate in an acceleration process performed by one of the accelerators enabled by the program and during the acceleration period, in addition to access to the country’s best accelerators and scholarships, also participate in a number of other benefits, events and activities promoted by the program for training and approaching clients and investors and the International Hubs.

In addition, startups receive financial investments from accelerators and have access to services such as infrastructure, mentoring and training in exchange for a percentage of equity interest. In addition to the accelerators, the companies are also accompanied by the managers of the program.