Start-Up Brasil, a National Startup Acceleration Program, is an initiative of the Brazilian Federal Government, created by the Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovation and Communication (Ministério da Ciência, Tecnologia, Inovações e Comunicações – MCTIC), managed by Softex and partnering with accelerators, to support new technology-based companies – the startups.

Startups have the role of constantly revitalizing the market, but they need a healthy environment to develop and be successful. The accelerators play in this context as a market-oriented agent, usually in the private sector and with capacity for financial investment, and have the function of directing and strengthening startups’ development.


The program happens through year-long editions. Every edition may have up to two public call for entries: one to evaluate and train accelerators and another to select startups with rounds every semester.


In this phase, accelerators are evaluated, according to a specific edict, to be partners in the program and be responsible for the process of accelerating startups.

Startup acceleration is a quick process that seeks to develop a market oriented product/service with the support of mentors, investors and business and technology investors.

In the first call of 2017, year 3 of the program, there will be no announcement of accelerators. The accelerators enabled at this stage will be the same enabled in the previous phase of the program and a new announcement is already scheduled for the next call.


After training the accelerators, national and international startups are selected to be supported by the program (international – as much as 25% of the approved projects). This phase happens up to twice a year, once for each semester.

In the first call of 2017, year 3 of the program, only the selection of national startups will occur.

Further information about the edital and the application process


In this phase, the process of acceleration happens. Over a period of up to 2 months, the startups have access to as much as R$200K in funding for research and development to be distributed among their professionals. They also participate in a series of events and activities promoted by the program to train entrepreneurs and introduce them to clients, investors and the International Hubs.

Furthermore, the startups receive financial investments from the accelerators and have access to such services as infrastructure, mentoring and training in exchange for a percent of stock partnership. Alongside the accelerators, the companies are also accompanied by the program’s managers.